Connecticut’s Kid Governor 2020-21

Welcome to another year of Connecticut’s Kid Governor ®! Students will be electing one of their peers to become the 2021 Connecticut’s Kid Governor. Over the course of the program, whether your class is a Nominating & Voting Class or a Voting Only Class, your students will learn about:

  • State Government and the Three Branches of Government
  • The Role of the Governor
  • Why Elections are Important
  • The History of Voting in the United States and Connecticut
  • and more!

Your students will also learn that they have a voice and can make a difference in their community and state! If your class is nominating a student to run for Connecticut’s Kid Governor, they will explore what it takes to run for office, understand to use their ideas and voices to make a change in their community, and learn how to inspire others to get involved. If your class is only voting in the election, they will experience voting first hand and see that their vote matters.

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Connecticut’s Kid Governor 2020-21 Brochure

Click HERE to download the 2020-21 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Brochure.