Teacher and Class Resources

The Connecticut’s Kid Governor® 2019-2020 Toolkits are coming soon!

The Toolkit for Classes Nominating a Candidate and Votingis for classes/schools that will be nominating a student for consideration in the 2019 Statewide Election (one nominee per school). The Toolkit includes lessons about Connecticut’s three branches of government, the role of the governor, the history and process of voting, leadership, identifying and researching important community issues, developing campaign platforms and speeches, filming your nominee’s campaign video, and analyzing campaign videos. CLICK HERE to download.

The Toolkit for Voting-Only Classesis for classes/schools that will only be voting in the Statewide Election (not nominating a student). This Toolkit is a condensed version of the Toolkit for Classes Nominating a Candidate and Voting and includes lessons about Connecticut’s three branches of government, the role of the governor, the history and process of voting, leadership, and analyzing campaign videos. CLICK HERE to download.

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Lessons 1-5 Assessment*- You requested it and we created it! This simple 10-question quiz can be used to assess student learning in the first 5 lessons of either Toolkit. Includes an Answer Key. CLICK HERE to download.

Program Overview*– Based on the Connecticut’s Kid Governor Program Overview from Enfield Public Schools, the new program overview gives suggested dates for lessons, lesson lengths, materials needed, additional resources, and tips and ideas for each lesson. CLICK HERE for the overview for Nominating and Voting Classes. CLICK HERE for the overview for Voting-Only Classes.

Polling Place Activity– New! We’ve created a bonus lesson to help bring your students’ voting experience to the next level! The lesson guides your class through how a polling place works and helps them create their own voting area right in the classroom!

Resources for Nominating & Voting Classes

Parent-Guardian Permission Packet* – Send this letter home to parents/guardians to let them know that their child will be participating in the CTKG program this fall. CLICK HERE to download.

The Rules & Entry Forms can be downloaded HERE – These are the official Entry Forms that must be submitted with your school’s nominee for the Connecticut’s Kid Governor Statewide Election!

*The Toolkit and other resources are provided as Adobe PDF documents. You can download Adobe’s free PDF Reader by clicking here.

Bonus Resources

Learn more about how to take your Connecticut’s Kid Governor experience to the next level by clicking HERE!

Supporting CTKG Ella’s Platform by Showing Respect for All Students Activity– New! Support 2019 CTKG Ella’s Pride-Hope-Love platform by having your student share their ideas for showing respect! This activity is adapted for the classroom from Ella’s Inauguration Day activity.

To learn more about the Connecticut’s Kid Governor program, watch the Welcome to Connecticut’s Kid Governor video on our YouTube page.