For Parents & Guardians

Welcome to Connecticut’s Kid Governor®! Your student or students are participating in an award-winning civics education program for fifth graders that will teach them about:

  • The three branches of state government
  • The role of the governor
  • Why elections are important
  • The history of voting in the United States and Connecticut
  • Leadership
  • Civic participation
  • and more!

Fifth grade classes can participate in Connecticut’s Kid Governor in one of two ways: as a Nominating & Voting Class or as a Voting-Only Class. All participating students will have the opportunity to vote in an authentic real-life election for the Kid Governor in November. Students in Nominating & Voting Classes will also learn about the campaign process and have the opportunity to run in a primary to be their school’s nominee for the Statewide Election. They may even be elected to serve as the next Kid Governor! Your student’s teacher can tell you how their class is participating this year.

Below are resources and further information about the Connecticut’s Kid Governor® program and answers to frequently asked questions.

If your child is participating in a Nominating & Voting Class, please review:

Learn About the Connecticut’s Kid Governor Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My student attends home school. Can they participate in the Kid Governor program?
A: Yes they can! Please register HERE as a “Nominating & Voting” or “Voting-Only” class. Please remember that the Connecticut’s Kid Governor program is open to 5th grade students, and only 5th graders can vote or run for office.

Q: My student is a candidate for Connecticut’s Kid Governor. Can we campaign for them on social media?
A: Schools and families of candidates are welcome to post about the Connecticut’s Kid Governor® Statewide Election and their candidate on social media, but campaigning or encouraging voting of any specific candidate– including your own– is not allowed. The Statewide Election is an exciting process and you may want to encourage people on social media to vote. However, because this program is an opportunity for 5th graders to learn about voting and the democratic process, and because only students registered by October 30th can vote, it is important not to campaign on social media. Of course, it is a great idea to post about your student’s platform and the importance of supporting it no matter who wins the election!

Q: My student is running to be Connecticut’s Kid Governor. Can they campaign in their school or at other participating schools?
A: Students are only allowed to campaign within their classroom or school. Student candidates are not allowed to campaign beyond their classroom or school, including visits or communications with other schools, the creation of websites, use of social media, etc. This is to avoid disrupting other classrooms, to guarantee that no candidate has an advantage over another, and to ensure that the platforms the candidates lay out in their videos are what students analyze in considering how they will vote.

Q: What happens if my student wins the election?
A: Connecticut’s Kid Governor is a real election with real consequences. The student who wins the election will serve a one-year term as Connecticut’s Kid Governor. For more information about the responsibilities and expectations of the Kid Governor, please review the Rules & Entry Forms on the Educators page.

Q: My student was not elected Kid Governor but wants to work on their community issue and platform. Do you have resources to help my students?
A: Yes! The Student Action Resources Center has tips for taking action, working with fellow students, contacting elected officials, and more.

Q: My student is not in 5th grade. Is there any way they can be involved in the Kid Governor program?
A: While only 5th graders can run for office or vote in the election, there are many ways that students can get involved and make a difference! Students of any age can use the resources on this website to identify an important issue in their community and find ways to make a difference. You can also advocate for bringing this important program to your school by contacting your school principal or superintendent’s office. We would be happy to meet with them and answer questions!

Q: What opportunities are available for students who were nominated by their school but not elected as Kid Governor?
A: There are several opportunities for school nominees! Each school nominee is invited to submit their information for an exhibit panel in the Meet the Candidates exhibit which will be installed at Connecticut’s Old State House in Hartford and travel to schools across the state. There is no cost to participate and you can learn more in the Rules & Entry Forms on the Educators page. The six final Candidates from the Statewide Election will serve as the Kid Governor’s Cabinet. They will meet as a group throughout the year to support the Kid Governor’s platform and collaborate with each other as they accomplish their own three-point platforms.

Q: Do other states have Kid Governors?
A: Yes! The Connecticut Democracy Center at Connecticut’s Old State House created Kid Governor® in 2015 and has expanded the program to other states nationwide. Learn more at

If you have additional questions, contact Nichole Pitruzzello, Connecticut’s Kid Governor® State Coordinator, at