CTKG Ellie’s Educational Video Series

The second point of Kid Governor Ellie’s Express and Address Your Feelings platform is to promote strategies for Connecticut 5th graders to communicate their feelings. In order to achieve this, she interviewed Caitlin Chabot, a school psychologist from Torrington Public Schools, to make an educational video series!

CTKG Ellie’s videos include:

Video #1: What is Mental Health?
Video #2: Identifying How You Are Feeling
Video #3: Identifying the Cause of Your Feelings
Video #4: Comminicating Your Feelings

Kid Governor Ellie also recorded a video to talk about a strategy she came up with to communicate feelings at school: The Turn My Frown Upside Down Mailbox!

Share this video series with a student and encourage them to think about how they can communicate their feelings!

Thanks to Caitlin Chabot and Torrington Public Schools for helping CTKG Ellie with this educational video series!