Get Ready for Connecticut’s Kid Governor 2019-2020!

Registration Is OPEN!

Registration for Connecticut’s Kid Governor is open. All participating classes should be registered before the start of the Statewide Election on November 4, 2019. Registration is simple and only takes a minute to complete! Click here to register today.

Back for 2019….

This year, we’re happy to announce that we have Voting Kits for your class! The first 200 classes who register to participate in Connecticut’s Kid Governor will be mailed a FREE Voting Kit that includes:

  • A CTKG Ballot Box
  • CTKG Stickers
  • and More!

Available Now: 2019-20 Toolkits

The Connecticut’s Kid Governor® Team has been hard at work all summer to bring you and your students an incredible program. This year, we’ve updated the Toolkits with new lessons and resources and made some changes based on your feedback. See for your self and download your Toolkit today!







Click here to download the Nominating & Voting Toolkit
Click here to download the Voting-Only Toolkit

For more resources, click here.

Look Who Is Participating!

Kid Governor Library

Looking for civics books to bring into your classroom this fall? Check out the Kid Governor® Library for some great suggestions!

Have a book that you love that isn’t in our Library? Send us a suggestion at