Kid Governor Cristiano’s Fitcoin Program!

Kid Governor Cristiano Almeida is committed to promoting physical activity and ensuring that every 5th grader in Connecticut is taking steps to be physically active.

To achieve the third point of his Getting Fit 4 Fun platform, Kid Governor Cristiano created the Fitcoin program!

What is Fitcoin? It sounds like Bitcoin, but it’s not. It’s a unique initiative designed to encourage physical activity in schools.
The concept is simple – kids can: get active, earn Fitcoins from their teachers or school staff, and be recognized for their hard work. Cristiano says: “By making fitness a rewarding experience, we can develop healthy habits from a young age, inspiring a lifelong commitment to well-being.”

How the Fitcoin Program Works!

  1. School staff download Kid Governor Cristiano’s Fitcoin template, customize it for their class/school, print copies, and cut out the Fitcoins.
  2. Students show they are actively engaged in gym class or during recess.
  3. School staff reward students who go above and beyond to move, be physical, and have fun with a Fitcoin!
  4. Students compete with their classmates to earn the most Fitcoins.
  5. School staff recognize the student(s) who earn the most Fitcoins! See the “Fitcoin Ideas” section for suggestions.
  6. School staff email Kid Governor Cristiano ( the name of the student(s) who earn the most Fitcoins in their class or school!

Fitcoin Ideas for Schools!

  • Create a Fitcoin Hall of Fame for your class or school to recognize the student(s) who have earned the most Fitcoins.
  • Offer small prizes to encourage students to earn Fitcoins. Prizes might include a certificate, extra recess time, stickers, healthy snacks, or other school-approved incentives.