2020 Virtual Educator Workshop Series

August 17-21, 2020

Empower your fifth graders to change the world: Register for the 2020 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Virtual Educator Workshop!

Connecticut’s Kid Governor® (CTKG) is an award-winning civics program for fifth graders created by The Connecticut Democracy Center at Connecticut’s Old State House. This free virtual workshop will provide an overview of the program, highlight successful strategies for running the program in the classroom with resources for virtual and hybrid classrooms, and feature current CTKG educators who are using the program as a springboard for innovation. Whether you are new to CTKG or have been with us from the start, this is a week of workshops that you do not want to miss!

The workshop series is open to fifth grade educators and support staff, curriculum specialists, and administrators.

Registration: Educators can register for as many sessions of this five-part workshop series as they’d like (see descriptions below).

Bonus: Ten attendees from each workshop will receive a printed, full-color copy of the Toolkit for Nominating & Voting Classes and a Kid Governor branded flash drive with program resources! Limit one copy per Educator Workshop Series attendee. Attendees will also receive a digital certificate for professional development hours.

Register Today! Click here to register.

This workshop series is presented by The Connecticut Democracy Center at Connecticut’s Old State House in partnership with the State Department of Education and the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies.

About the Virtual Workshop Series

Session #1: An Overview and Introduction to Connecticut’s Kid Governor®

Monday, August 17 at 4pm

A history of the CTKG program, an overview of how the program and Toolkits work, ties to Social Studies Frameworks and Common Core State Standards, program timeline, and a tour of the CTKG website and digital resources. Classroom educators will share why they participate in the CTKG program.

Session #2: Running Connecticut’s Kid Governor® in a Blended/Virtual Classroom

Tuesday, August 18 at 4pm

Ideas and resources for running the CTKG program in a virtual or hybrid classroom with input from experienced CTKG classroom educators.

Session #3: Tips for a Successful Campaign Video

Wednesday, August 19 at 4pm

Rules, guidelines, and tips for recording a successful CTKG campaign video and suggestions for how students can collaborate on their videos through campaign teams. Attendees will watch and discuss past campaign videos and hear tips from experienced classroom educators.

Session #4: Beyond the Election: Year-Round CTKG and Civics Opportunities

Thursday, August 20 at 4pm

Techniques for continuing the CTKG program and civics momentum in the classroom year-round. Attendees will learn about the CTKG live announcement, Inauguration Day, the CTKG’s Cabinet, following the CTKG and Cabinet, Traveling Exhibit, Library Circuit, field trips to Connecticut’s Old State House, and more! Experienced CTKG classroom educators will also share creative ways they have brought CTKG and civics to their students beyond the Statewide Election.

Session #5: Learning from Colleagues: Experienced CTKG Educators Share Their Successes and Challenges and Answer YOUR Questions

Friday, August 21 at 4pm

Enthusiastic and experienced CTKG classroom educators will share how they run the program, the successes they’ve had, and the challenges they’ve faced and how they overcame them.