2020 Connecticut’s Kid Governor® Myra Stanfield

Myra Stanfield
2020 Connecticut’s Kid Governor

Platform: Preventing Animal Abuse
School: Eric G. Norfeldt Elementary School, West Hartford
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Contact: Myra@CT.KidGovernor.org
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CTKG Myra’s Platform

2020 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Myra Stanfield was elected on her platform of Preventing Animal Abuse. Her platform focuses on three platform points to advocate for animals in Connecticut:

  1. Inform people about how animal abuse is a problem.
  2. Raise money and collect items for animals in need.
  3. Hold a statewide adoption event.

Watch Myra’s campaign video for more about her campaign!

Highlights from Myra’s Term in Office

November 2019
Myra is announced as the 2020 Connecticut’s Kid Governor!

On November 21, 2019, Fox 61’s Rachel Lutzker and Deputy Secretary of the State Scott Bates announced that Myra Stanfield was elected by the fifth graders of Connecticut to serve as the 2020 Connecticut’s Kid Governor.