CTKG Ella’s Pride-Hope-Love Webinar

On Monday, May 20, 2019, Connecticut’s Kid Governor Ella Briggs hosted a free webinar about working with LGBTQ+ students. The webinar was open to all educators and focused on working with and supporting LGBTQ+ students in Connecticut schools. The webinar featured Kid Governor Ella and other students sharing their experiences as LGBTQ+ students and a training led by Sarah Free, Program Manager at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, about working with LGBTQ+ students. The webinar was a part of Kid Governor Ella’s three-point Pride-Hope-Love platform for LGBTQ+ youth safety.

Listen to the webinar today! Watch below or click HERE.


Resources from the webinar

  • Pride-Hope-Love Webinar PowerPoint PresentationClick here to view the PDF version of the PowerPoint used during CTKG Ella’s webinar.
  • Curricular Resources from Sarah FreeClick here to view the curricular resources complied by Sarah Free for the webinar.

This webinar was presented by the Connecticut Democracy Center at Connecticut’s Old State House with support from Sarah Free from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. It was hosted by the Connecticut State Department of Education.