Donating to Local Animal Organizations

Kid Governor Makhi Ettienne-Modeste is committed to his Protecting Our Pets platform and raising awareness of showing kindness towards companion animals and pets.

The third point of Makhi’s platform focuses on encouraging donations to local animal organizations (shelters, humane societies, animal control units, rescues, etc.) to help animals that have been abused.

Makhi has researched how communities can support their local animal organizations and hopes that your class, school, family, camp, or community organization will participate in this point of his platform! Continue reading for Makhi’s tips and ideas for supporting an animal organization in your community.

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“Being kind to pets in your community is really important. Pets are very similar to us and they have feelings, too. Many animals in shelters and humane societies were probably in a bad situation and organizations need our help to help these animals. Fifth graders and entire communities can make a big difference by donating to their local animal organizations.”

– Kid Governor Makhi Ettienne-Modeste