2024 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Cristiano Almeida

Platform: Getting Fit 4 Fun
School: Zaya Oshana Elementary School, Southington
Contact: Cristiano@CT.KidGovernor.org*
Cabinet: 2024 Kid Governor’s Cabinet
Blog: Getting Fit 4 Fun!
YouTube: 2024 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Cristiano Almeida
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About Cristiano!

My name is Cristiano, and I live in Southington with my mom, dad, and three sisters. I have a dog named Gambit. I like playing with my friends, singing and dancing, acting, and watching Marvel movies. As a leader, I am respectful, loyal, creative and I never give up on things that I do.

Kid Governor Cristiano’s Platform

Kid Governor Cristiano’s Getting Fit 4 Fun platform addresses physical activity for kids and focuses on three points. Click on each to learn more!

Watch Cristiano’s campaign video below!

Click HERE to watch Cristiano’s campaign video with Spanish subtitles. 

Announcing Cristiano as the 2024 Kid Governor

On November 21, 2023, Fox 61’s Keith McGilvery and Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas announced that Cristiano Almeida was elected by the state’s fifth graders to serve as the 2024 Connecticut’s Kid Governor.

Click HERE to watch this “Breaking News” segment video with Spanish subtitles. 

Watch the live announcement of Cristiano as the 2024 Kid Governor at Oshana Elementary School.