Be Positive: CTKG Reese Kicks Off Her Term

Having been officially sworn into office, CTKG Reese can now begin working on her Be Positive: Pandemic Perseverance platform. Her platform focuses on three points: 

  1. Brightening the lives of nursing home residents through positive messages. 
  2. Create a virtual community crate and coordinate a statewide poster contest for positive messages by and for students. 
  3. Encourage students to take care of their mental health through safe outdoor activities.

A Message from Kid Governor Reese

Fifth grade classes are invited to join 2021 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Reese as she kicks off her Be Positive: Pandemic Perseverance campaign! Students are encouraged to create Valentine’s Day cards or friendly greeting cards to send to their local nursing homes to spread positivity and happiness. Learn more HERE.

Spreading Positivity: CTKG Reese Kicks Off Be Positive Campaign

Support CTKG Reese’s Be Positive: Pandemic Perseverance campaign by sharing positive messages for Connecticut residents. Classes can share positive messages to be shared online through Reese’s mask activity. Learn more HERE.

Reese Naughton of Southington Sworn In as 2021 CTKG

On Friday, January 22nd, Reese Naughton was sworn in as the sixth Connecticut’s Kid Governor. The Inauguration Ceremony, which was part in-person and part virtual, included a farewell speech from 2020 CTKG Myra Stanfield, messages of congratulations from State and Federal officials, a news conference with the 2021 Cabinet and more. 

You can check out more about Inauguration Day 2021 HERE.

CTKG Cabinet Sworn In

Along with CTKG Reese, the 2021 Kid Governor’s Cabinet was sworn into office by Secretary of the State Denise Merrill on January 22nd. You can learn more about the 2021 Cabinet HERE.

Connecticut’s Kid Governor® is a national award-winning civics program created by The Connecticut Democracy Center at Connecticut’s Old State House. The program is presented with major funding and support from CT Humanities and the Gawlicki Family Foundation, and in partnership with the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) and the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies.