2022 Voting Kits

The Connecticut Democracy Center is excited to provide FREE Voting Kits to the first 325 classes that register for Connecticut’s Kid Governor® 2022-23! 

This year’s Voting Kits include an “I Voted” sticker for each student, a CTKG pencil for each student, a Voting Both, printed copies of this year’s Statewide Election Ballot, CTKG balloons, a Connecticut Sites, Seals, and Symbols booklet from the Office of the Secretary of the State, a copy of Connecticut by Michael Burgman, and a certificate recognizing your class’s participation! The Voting Kits will arrive at schools November 4-8, just in time for the Statewide Election!

We hope that these items get you and your class in the spirit of the Statewide Election! Classes can also make election decorations, signs, and posters for a voting area. You can download our Create Your Own Polling Place Bonus Lesson for ideas.

Be sure to send us photos of your classroom and your students voting for the #CTKGvotes2022 Photo Contest. Send your best photos to info@KidGovernor.org and use #CTKGvotes2022 on social media. Your photo could be our social media cover photo leading up to the announcement of the 2023 Connecticut’s Kid Governor.

The Connecticut “Sites, Seals, and Symbols” booklet is courtesy of the Office of the Secretary of the State Mark Kohler.