2022 Election Nominees

The following students were elected by their classmates as their school’s nominee in the 2022 Statewide Election for Connecticut’s Kid Governor®. We congratulate these students on crafting strong platforms around important community issues and encourage them to continue advocating for change in their communities. 

If your student is working on their community issue, let us know! Share their work with us by emailing info@CT.KidGovernor.org.

Nominee Name: Andrew “Andy” Michaels
Nominee’s Community Issue: Childhood Hunger
Nominee’s School: A.W. Hanmer School, Wethersfield

Nominee Name: Amelia Ly
Nominee’s Community Issue: Lack of Positive Self-Esteem
Nominee’s School: William Strong Elementary School, Southington

Nominee Name: Angela Devino
Nominee’s Community Issue: Bullying
Nominee’s School: Pearson Middle School, Winsted

Nominee Name: Arianna Gonzalez
Nominee’s Community Issue: Gun Violence
Nominee’s School: Clover Street School, Windsor

Nominee Name: Aubrey Stuart
Nominee’s Community Issue: Racism
Nominee’s School: Kennelly School, Hartford

Nominee Name: Ava Paradore
Nominee’s Community Issue: Food Waste
Nominee’s School: Thalberg Elementary School, Southington

Nominee Name: Bassett Bretschger
Nominee’s Community Issue: Endangered Animals
Nominee’s School: Saxe Middle School, New Canaan

Nominee Name: Isabella “Bella” Peters
Nominee’s Community Issue: Student Homelessness
Nominee’s School: Toffolon Elementary School, Plainville

Nominee Name: Brennan Sedgwick
Nominee’s Community Issue: Inflation
Nominee’s School: Thomaston Center School, Thomaston

Nominee Name: Brooklyn Simeone
Nominee’s Community Issue: Kids and Smoking
Nominee’s School: Woodside Intermediate School, Cromwell

Nominee Name: Connor Grenier
Nominee’s Community Issue: Pollution
Nominee’s School: Highland Elementary School, Cheshire

Nominee Name: Daniel “Danny” Kidwell
Nominee’s Community Issue: Low Self-Esteem
Nominee’s School: Oshana Elementary School, Southington

Nominee Name: Demetri Vardoulakis
Nominee’s Community Issue: Plastics and Pollution
Nominee’s School: Highcrest Elementary School, Wethersfield

Nominee Name: Easton Yardis
Nominee’s Community Issue: Animal Cruelty
Nominee’s School: Brownstone Intermediate School, Portland

Nominee Name: Elise Browne
Nominee’s Community Issue: Animal Cruelty
Nominee’s School: Flanders Elementary School, Southington

Nominee Name: Ellareese Lukawecki
Nominee’s Community Issue: Bullying Students with Disabilities
Nominee’s School: Hatton Elementary School, Southington

Nominee Name: Emelyn Gagnon
Nominee’s Community Issue: Improving School Lunches
Nominee’s School: Charles Wright Elementary School, Wethersfield

Nominee Name: Emily “Emmy” Petroski
Nominee’s Community Issue: Helping Kids in Hospitals
Nominee’s School: Canton Intermediate School, Canton

Nominee Name: Enia Caka
Nominee’s Community Issue: Kindness and Mental Health
Nominee’s School: H.S. Chase Elementary School, Waterbury

Nominee Name: Hailey Vincenti
Nominee’s Community Issue: Improving Animal Shelters & Rescues
Nominee’s School: CREC Ana Grace Academy of the Arts, Bloomfield

Nominee Name: Harper Morris
Nominee’s Community Issue: Funding for Childhood Cancer Research
Nominee’s School: Bennet Academy, Manchester

Nominee Name: John Sonceau
Nominee’s Community Issue: Child Abuse
Nominee’s School: Glastonbury East Hartford Magnet School, Glastonbury

Nominee Name: Krystian Cichon
Nominee’s Community Issue: Animal Cruelty
Nominee’s School: Horace Porter School, Columbia

Nominee Name: Lalah Brown
Nominee’s Community Issue: Food Insecurity
Nominee’s School: Gainfield Elementary School, Southbury

Nominee Name: Liam Monroe
Nominee’s Community Issue: Pollution
Nominee’s School: Emerson Williams Elementary School, Wethersfield

Nominee Name: Madiha Kahn
Nominee’s Community Issue: Helping the Homeless
Nominee’s School: Live Oaks School, Milford

Nominee Name: Madison Gordon
Nominee’s Community Issue: Book Banning
Nominee’s School: Latimer Lane Elementary School, Simsbury

Nominee Name: Marianna S. Alvarez-Delgado
Nominee’s Community Issue: Childhood Homelessness
Nominee’s School: John F. Kennedy School, Windsor

Nominee Name: Mazzlyn “Mazzy” Stevenson
Nominee’s Community Issue: Animal Cruelty
Nominee’s School: Hebron Elementary School, Hebron

Nominee Name: Mia Giudotti
Nominee’s Community Issue: Access to Prescription Medicine
Nominee’s School: Charter Oak International Academy, West Hartford

Nominee Name: Patrick Kaleta
Nominee’s Community Issue: Gun Violence
Nominee’s School: McAlister Intermediate School, Suffield

Nominee Name: Peyton Livingston
Nominee’s Community Issue: Handicap-Accessible Playgrounds
Nominee’s School: Booth Free School, Roxbury

Nominee Name: Romario Simpson
Nominee’s Community Issue: Helping the Homeless
Nominee’s School: Breakthrough Magnet School, Hartford

Nominee Name: Santiago “Santi” Rivera
Nominee’s Community Issue: Climate Change
Nominee’s School: Duffy Elementary School, West Hartford

Nominee Name: Tristen Courchesne
Nominee’s Community Issue: Racism
Nominee’s School: Prudence Crandall School, Enfield