2021 Election Nominees

The following students were elected by their classmates as their school’s nominee in the 2021 Statewide Election for Connecticut’s Kid Governor®. We congratulate these students on crafting strong platforms around important community issues and encourage them to continue advocating for change in their communities. 

If your student is working on their community issue, let us know! Share their work with us by emailing info@kidgovernor.org.

Nominee Name: Aashita Dixit
Nominee’s Community Issue: Animal Abuse
Nominee’s School: Glastonbury East Hartford Magnet School, Glastonbury

Nominee Name: Addisyn Bruno
Nominee’s Community Issue: Helping Pets in Shelters
Nominee’s School: Flanders Elementary School, Southington

Nominee Name: Adeline Sponzo
Nominee’s Community Issue: Animal Abuse
Nominee’s School: Andover Elementary School, Andover

Nominee Name: Anna Small
Nominee’s Community Issue: Mental Health
Nominee’s School: Charter Oak International Academy, West Hartford

Nominee Name: Annie Wands
Nominee’s Community Issue: Climate Change
Nominee’s School: Alfred Hanmer Elementary School, Wethersfield

Nominee Name: Asher Woodhouse
Nominee’s Community Issue: Kids with Cancer
Nominee’s School: Middlebury Elementary School, Middlebury

Nominee Name: Cannon Nardini
Nominee’s Community Issue: Helping Children with Special Needs
Nominee’s School: Saxe Middle School, New Canaan

Nominee Name: Chloe Clark
Nominee’s Community Issue: Self Insecurities
Nominee’s School: Enfield Public Schools, Enfield

Nominee Name: Clara Franklin
Nominee’s Community Issue: Providing Better Care for Animals/Pets
Nominee’s School: Emerson Williams Elementary School, Wethersfield

Nominee Name: Daphnee-Rose Bodson
Nominee’s Community Issue: Hunger
Nominee’s School: Booth Free School, Roxbury

Nominee Name: Dina Benelli-DoNascimento
Nominee’s Community Issue: Helping Kids in the Hospital Get a Better Education
Nominee’s School: Gainfield Elementary School, Southbury

Nominee Name: Ella Wallace
Nominee’s Community Issue: Bringing Awareness to LGBTQ Issues
Nominee’s School: Bennet Academy, Manchester

Nominee Name: Emma Agosta
Nominee’s Community Issue: Cancer Awareness
Nominee’s School: Brownstone Intermediate School, Portland

Nominee Name: Francesca Orfitelli
Nominee’s Community Issue: Save the Animals from Pollution
Nominee’s School: Hebron Elementary School, Hebron

Nominee Name: Isaac Venetianer
Nominee’s Community Issue: Autism Awareness
Nominee’s School: Woodside Intermediate School, Cromwell

Nominee Name: Isabelle Gianesini
Nominee’s Community Issue: Smoking and Vaping Prevention
Nominee’s School: Oshana Elementary School, Southington

Nominee Name: Jake Schwartz
Nominee’s Community Issue: Funding Sports for All Kids
Nominee’s School: Braeburn Elementary School, West Hartford

Nominee Name: Jaiden Severson
Nominee’s Community Issue: Making Parks Better
Nominee’s School: Pearson School, Winchester

Nominee Name: Juliana Stassun
Nominee’s Community Issue: Equal Rights
Nominee’s School: Meadowside Elementary School, Milford

Nominee Name: Leah Xiong
Nominee’s Community Issue: Decreasing Tobacco Use in Our State
Nominee’s School: Highcrest Elementary School, Wethersfield

Nominee Name: Lyla Casiano
Nominee’s Community Issue: Community Clean Up
Nominee’s School: Catholic Academy of Bridgeport-Saint Ann, Bridgeport

Nominee Name: Maddie O’Brien
Nominee’s Community Issue: Pollution
Nominee’s School: CREC Ana Grace Academy of the Arts, Avon

Nominee Name: Natashley Guzman
Nominee’s Community Issue: Child Abuse
Nominee’s School: Chase Elementary School, Waterbury

Nominee Name: Nathan Deenihan
Nominee’s Community Issue: Mental Health
Nominee’s School: McAlister Intermediate School, Suffield

Nominee Name: Olivia Bloom
Nominee’s Community Issue: Helping the Homeless, Hungry, and Refugees
Nominee’s School: William M. Strong Elementary School, Southington

Nominee Name: Olivia Foy
Nominee’s Community Issue: Child Abuse
Nominee’s School: Canton Intermediate School, Canton

Nominee Name: Pawku Wah
Nominee’s Community Issue: Animal Cruelty
Nominee’s School: Kennelly School, Hartford

Nominee Name: Sara Brenson
Nominee’s Community Issue: Lack of Self Confidence in Kids
Nominee’s School: Wells Road Intermediate School, Granby

Nominee Name: Savannah Johnson
Nominee’s Community Issue: Littering
Nominee’s School: Charles Wright Elementary School, Wethersfield

Nominee Name: Tasman Banks
Nominee’s Community Issue: Graffiti and Vandalism in Communities
Nominee’s School: Thomaston Center School, Thomaston

Nominee Name: Teagan Alver
Nominee’s Community Issue: Helping Hungry Animals and People
Nominee’s School: Webster Hill Elementary School, West Hartford

Nominee Name: Tyrone Barron
Nominee’s Community Issue: Better School Lunches to Build Stronger Communities
Nominee’s School: CREC Discovery Academy, Wethersfield