2020 Election Nominees

The following students were elected by their classmates as their school’s nominee in the 2020 Statewide Election for Connecticut’s Kid Governor®. We congratulate these students on crafting strong platforms around important community issues and encourage them to continue advocating for change in their communities.

If your student is working on their community issue, let us know! Share their work with us by emailing info@kidgovernor.org.

Nominee Name: Abigail S. Vargas
Nominee’s Community Issue: Bullying Awareness
Nominee’s School: Latimer Lane Elementary School, Simsbury

Nominee Name: Adeena Aijaz
Nominee’s Community Issue: Racism
Nominee’s School: Hanmer School, Wethersfield

Nominee Name: Andrew K. Daukas
Nominee’s Community Issue: Children’s Lunch & Recess Matters
Nominee’s School: Long Meadow Elementary School, Middlebury

Nominee Name: Andrew Van Cott
Nominee’s Community Issue: Racial Discrimination
Nominee’s School: McAlister Intermediate School, Suffield

Nominee Name: Ava Nicosia
Nominee’s Community Issue: Littering
Nominee’s School: Thomaston Center School, Thomaston

Nominee Name: Ben Scott
Nominee’s Community Issue: Racism
Nominee’s School: Canton Intermediate School, Canton

Nominee Name: Della Rooney
Nominee’s Community Issue: School Start Times
Nominee’s School: Canton Distance Learning Academy, Canton

Nominee Name: Elizabeth Pond
Nominee’s Community Issue: Veteran Homelessness
Nominee’s School: CREC Ana Grace Academy of the Arts, Avon

Nominee Name: Fiona Graham
Nominee’s Community Issue: Homelessness
Nominee’s School: Portland Virtual Learning Academy, Portland

Nominee Name: Haley R. Reis
Nominee’s Community Issue: Childhood Depression & Anxiety
Nominee’s School: CREC Discovery Academy

Nominee Name: Jake A. Tirana
Nominee’s Community Issue: Racism
Nominee’s School: Saxe Middle School, New Canaan

Nominee Name: Kaylee Cruz
Nominee’s Community Issue: COVID-19 Awareness
Nominee’s School: Rotella Interdistrict Magnet School, Waterbury

Nominee Name: Kennedy G. Carter
Nominee’s Community Issue: Littering & Recycling
Nominee’s School: Woodside Intermediate School, Cromwell

Nominee Name: Lily G. Buccini
Nominee’s Community Issue: Equality for Everyone
Nominee’s School: Highcrest Elementary School, Wetherfield

Nominee Name: Rowyn S. Kootz
Nominee’s Community Issue: Climate Change
Nominee’s School: Brownstone Intermediate School, Portland

Nominee Name: Sam Foran
Nominee’s Community Issue: Childhood Cancer
Nominee’s School: Andover Elementary School, Andover

Nominee Name: Samuel Pedneault
Nominee’s Community Issue: Stop Pollution in CT
Nominee’s School: Charles Wright Elementary School, Wetherfield