2016 Election Nominees

Connecticut’s Kid Governor® 2016 Nominees

The following students were chosen by their classmates as their school’s nominee in the 2016 Statewide Election for Connecticut’s Kid Governor®. We congratulate these students on crafting strong platforms around important community issues and encourage them to continue advocating for change in their communities!

Candidate’s Name: Abigail Stone
Candidate’s Community Issue: Animal Cruelty
Candidate’s School: Waddell Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Arthur Unfongene
Candidate’s Community Issue: After School Clubs
Candidate’s School: Lake Street School

Candidate’s Name: Cassie Riley
Candidate’s Community Issue: Censorship
Candidate’s School: Verplanck Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Jack Cahill
Candidate’s Community Issue: Littering 
Candidate’s School: Totoket Valley Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Kami Tarantino
Candidate’s Community Issue: Pet Adoption
Candidate’s School: Pleasant Valley Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Manuela Valencia
Candidate’s Community Issue: Animal Cruelty
Candidate’s School: Kennelly School

Candidate’s Name: Michael Hoffman
Candidate’s Community Issue: Reading
Candidate’s School: Talcott Mountain School

Candidate’s Name: Angela A. Adu-Boateng
Candidate’s Community Issue: Fitness Week
Candidate’s School: John F. Kennedy Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Cameron Z. Perry
Candidate’s Community Issue: Bullying
Candidate’s School: Roger Sherman Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Evan E. Dowling
Candidate’s Community Issue: Bike Lanes
Candidate’s School: Bowers Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Joseph L. Grindle-Artruc
Candidate’s Community Issue: Misunderstood Kids
Candidate’s School: Clover Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Mackenzie M. Lionello
Candidate’s Community Issue: Kindness
Candidate’s School: Benjamin Franklin Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Megan D. Stone
Candidate’s Community Issue: Kindness
Candidate’s School: Carmen Arace Intermediate School