For Voting-Only Classes

This page has all of the resources and documents you need as a Voting-Only Class! If you are not registered to participate in Connecticut’s Kid Governor 2020-21, click the link below to complete our simple registration form by Friday, October 30, 2020. There is no cost to participate.

Register for Connecticut’s Kid Governor 2020-21!

Voting-Only Classes are Scheduled to Begin Monday, October 26, 2020.


The Toolkit for Voting-Only Classes* is for classes/schools that will only be voting in the Statewide Election (not nominating a student). This Toolkit is a condensed version of the Toolkit for Classes Nominating a Candidate and Voting and includes lessons about Connecticut’s three branches of government, the role of the governor, this history and process of voting, leadership, and analyzing campaign videos. CLICK HERE to download.

Virtual Resources

To support the variety of in-person, hybrid, and virtual classrooms across our state, we have created new virtual resources to help you teach Kid Governor this fall! Click HERE for our Overview of Virtual Resources for Voting-Only Classes. New resources include PDFs of all lesson plans and activities, Google Forms versions of all worksheets and lessons, Google Slides versions of all worksheets, Google Slides presentations for teacher Lessons 1-3, Bitmoji Classrooms for asynchronous learning in Lessons 1-2 and 5, videos from officials serving in the three branches of state government, and more! These resources are available to registered teachers through a Google Shared Drive.

Check out this example of our Bitmoji Classrooms:

Here is a highlight of the resources from our 2020 Educator Workshop Series:

Video Resources