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-Activity: My Community & Me
-Video: 2016 CTKG Elena Tipton’s Weekly Kindness Series
-Writing Prompt: How have you shown kindness to others?

My Community and Me

This activity is adapted from the My Community and Me field trip at Connecticut’s Old State House. This activity allows students of all ages to learn about their place in a community and to feel connected during a time when everyone is being asked to stay apart.

Click HERE for the Activity Plan for My Community and Me.
The activity plan includes two activities for students and their families:

  • Activity One: Draw Your Community
  • Activity Two: Community Scavenger Hunt
CTKG Myra and Cabinet members Daisy, Kylie, Derek, and Ariana go on a scavenger hunt at Connecticut’s Old State House.

2016 CTKG Elena Tipton’s Weekly Words of Kindness

2016 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Elena Tipton is launching a weekly video series to inspire Connecticut students to show kindness while social distancing. Each week, she will share ideas for how kids can safely make a difference and show kindness towards others during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Do you have an idea for how kids can show kindness? Email Kid Governor Elena at to share an idea– she may feature it in a future video!

Writing Prompt: How Have You Shown Kindness Towards Others?

After watching one of Kid Governor Elena’s videos, follow one of her suggestions! On a piece of paper or in a Google/Microsoft Word Document, reflect on the act of kindness you completed. Write a short paragraph about what you did, why you chose that act of kindness, and how it made you feel.

Share it with a friend, a loved one, or your teacher. When they read about your act of kindness and how it made you feel they may be inspired to get involved too! Share your responses with us and we can post your message on social media to inspire our followers across the state of Connecticut. Email your reflection to

Kid Governor Assistant Samantha adds a rainbow of hearts and thank you messages in her front window. What will you do to spread kindness today?

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