CTKG Ella’s Guide to Starting a Pride-Hope-Love Club

As the final part of 2019 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Ella’s Pride-Hope-Love platform, Ella wanted to help students feel PRIDE in who they are. To achieve this, she created this guide about how elementary school students can start a Pride-Hope-Love Club in their schools. This guide is intended to help schools create a club that fits with their needs. The guide includes:

  • A simple 8-step guide on how to start a Pride-Hope-Love Club
  • Additional resources for students
  • Additional resources for teachers

Click HERE to download the guide.

The 8 Steps to Starting a Pride-Hope-Love Club

  1. Gather a few friends who want to help you start a Pride-Hope-Love Club and list your reasons for why this club is good for your school. Use these reasons to get support from your teacher.
  2. Ask your principal and tell them why you think your school needs a Pride-Hope-Love Club.
  3. Find an Adult Advisor/Mentor to guide you.
  4. Plan your first meeting!
  5. Spread the word and share with friends how they can join your club.
  6. Hold your first meet and make everyone feel welcome.
  7. Agree on the ground rules for your club.
  8. Make your own path for your Pride-Hope-Love Club!

Let us know if you start a Pride-Hope-Love Club in your school!

Email 2019 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Ella Briggs and tell us about your journey to start a Pride-Hope-Love Club in your school.

2019 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Ella Briggs

Brian Cofrancesco, Head of Kid Governor