2021 Kid Governor’s Cabinet

The Kid Governor’s Cabinet is led by Connecticut’s Kid Governor Reese Naughton and includes the six final candidates from the 2020 Statewide Election. The Cabinet meets throughout the year, either in person or via Zoom, to advise CTKG Reese throughout her term, discuss how they can support CTKG Reese’s campaign platform in their own communities, and collaborate with each other as they accomplish their own three-point platforms.

Read the latest blog posts and updates from the 2021 Cabinet at ctkgreese.blogspot.com. Learn more about the 2021 Cabinet below and send your questions for the Cabinet to Reese@CT.KidGovernor.org.

Meet the 2021 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Cabinet

Claire Li
School: West Vine Street School
Town: Stonington
Community Issue: Racism
Watch Claire’s campaign video HERE.

About Claire:

My name is Claire Li and I go to West Vine Street School in Stonington, Connecticut. I live with my mom and dad. My grandparents visit, although they live far, far, away! I enjoy playing the piano, drawing, playing with my friends, origami, and dancing. I also enjoy playing video games like Roblox with my friends. As a leader, I am intelligent, trustworthy, courageous and compassionate.

Cora Aitkenhead
School: Meadowside Elementary School
Town: Milford
Community Issue: Climate Change
Watch Cora’s campaign video HERE.

About Cora:

My name is Cora Aitkenhead and I live in Milford with my mom Carrie, dad Mike, brother Ethan, dog Mason, my chickens and my fishies. I love to play soccer and play the flute. I’m a leader because I am hardworking, kind, responsible, honest and enthusiastic!

Houda Jaouad
School: Casimir Pulaski Elementary School
Town: Meriden
Community Issue: Body Shaming
Watch Houda’s campaign video HERE.

About Houda:

My name is Houda Jaouad and I live in Meriden with my dad, Abdelahak, my mom, Souad, my older brother, Bilal, and my twin sister, Salma. I like to play soccer and visit with my cousins. I like to paint and color. One of my leadership qualities is that I am helpful because I help others when they need it the most. Also, I am brave because I am not scared to stick up for others. I am also kind and friendly to everyone and want everyone to feel good about who they are.

Myalee Maxwell
School: CREC Glastonbury-East Hartford Magnet School
Town: Glastonbury, Hometown: New Britain
Community Issue: Racism
Watch Myalee’s campaign video HERE.

About Myalee:

My name is Myalee Maxwell and I live in New Britain with my mom Jennifer and my dad Marley. I also live with my brothers Robert, Marley, and Matthew. I have two pet budgies named Jenny and Storm. I enjoy drawing, planting, and nature walks. I love anything that has to do with nature. I  absolutely love playing with my neighbors. I love jumping on their trampoline, watching TV, eating snacks, and sometimes just having fun and acting silly. Some of my leadership qualities include empathy, courage, compassion and integrity. 

Nathan Williams
School: E.B. Kennelly School
Town: Hartford
Community Issue: Racism
Watch Nathan’s campaign video HERE.

About Nathan:

My name is Nathan Williams and I go to Kennelly School in Hartford. My leadership qualities include being kind, helpful, a good team player, and a great listener. I like to draw, play basketball and football, watch TV, and play video games in my free time. I have lived in Connecticut for 5 years.

Sameer Shirzai
School: M.D. Fox Elementary School
Town: Hartford
Community Issue: College Readiness
Watch Sameer’s campaign video HERE.

About Sameer:

Hi my name is Sameer, and I attend M.D. Fox School in Hartford, Connecticut. I came from Afghanistan two years ago. I live with my mom Farzana, my dad Ibrahim, my three brothers Baber, Qasi, and Arian, and two sisters Husna and Yurs. My hobbies are soccer, squash, and reading books. In my free time, I also enjoy watching karate movies. My favorite subject in school is writing. As a leader, I am kind, helpful, honest, team-oriented, and trustworthy.