For Students

Whether you are a student running to be Connecticut’s Kid Governor or you are a student voting in the Statewide Election, you have a voice. Explore these resources to help you discover community issues that interest you, see how students like you have gotten involved in their communities, and find out how you can get involved and make a difference!

Student Action Resource Center

Visit the Student Action Resource Center to learn how you can make a difference in your community.

2019-20 Meet the Candidates Exhibit

Students who run to become the next Connecticut’s Kid Governor have the opportunity to share their community issues and why they care about these issues in the Meet the Candidates Exhibit. You can explore the 2020 Traveling Exhibit from home HERE.

Hall of Kid Governors

Learn about the current and previous Kid Governors in the Hall of Kid Governors.

Get Inspired: Watch Past Kid Governors & Cabinet Member Videos

Watch 2016 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Elena Tipton’s Campaign Video.

Watch 2016 CTKG Elena’s Buddy Bench Dedication Video.

Watch 2016 CTKG Elena’s Video Series on Spreading Kindness While Social Distancing.

Watch 2017 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Jessica Brocksom’s Campaign Video.

Watch 2017 CTKG Jessica’s recognition as the ASPCA’s National Kid of the Year.

Watch 2017 CTKG Jessica’s Educational Video on Responsible Pet Ownership.

Watch 2018 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Megan Kasperowski’s Campaign Video.

Watch 2018 CTKG Megan’s First Educational Video on Cancer.

Watch 2018 CTKG Megan “Strike Out Cancer” with the Hartford Yard Goats.

Watch 2019 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Ella Briggs’ Campaign Video.

Watch 2019 CTKG Ella’s Appearance on Little Big Shots on NBC.

Watch Cabinet Member Melody Valdes’ Educational Video on Food for All.

Watch Cabinet Member Reilly Bard’s Appearance on Nutmeg TV’s Doors to Hope and Healing.

Watch 2020 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Myra Stanfield’s Campaign Video.

Watch 2020 CTKG Myra’s Fourth Educational Video on Standing Up for Animals in Need.

Watch 2020 Cabinet Member Kylie Nachin’s Video on Taking a Tech Break.

Watch 2020 Cabinet Member Daisy Wimberly’s Video on Earth Day.

Watch all five Connecticut’s Kid Governors speak with Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz on the 5th Anniversary of the Kid Governor program.

Share: Tell Us What You Are Doing to Make a Difference

With the help of a parent or teacher, let Connecticut’s Kid Governor know what you are doing to make a difference in your community! Send us your story by emailing and you may be featured on our website! In your email, consider including:

  • Your name, school, grade, and town.
  • What community issue you think is important and why.
  • What you have been doing to make a difference in your community.
  • A picture.