For Parents & Guardians

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Connecticut Democracy Center in Hartford is excited to announce the fifth year of Connecticut’s Kid Governor®, an award-winning statewide civics program designed to teach 5th graders about civics and civic engagement. Through this program, you child’s class will join 5th grade classrooms across the state in learning about state government, how it works, and the importance of civic engagement through the election of a 5th grade governor.

From left: 2016 CTKG Elena Tipton of East Hartford; 2017 CTKG Jessica Brocksom of Milford; 2018 CTKG Megan Kasperowski of Portland; 2019 CTKG Ella Briggs of East Hampton.

In the weeks leading up to Election Day 2019, your child’s class will participate in lessons about Connecticut’s three branches of state government, voting and elections, and campaign platforms. Students will then discuss community issues important to them and choose one to research. They may choose topics such as recycling, animal rights, pollution, bullying, etc. Once they have researched an issue, they will work to craft campaign platforms and speeches. Students that choose to run for Connecticut’s Kid Governor will deliver their speeches as part of the election process. The process will include class-wide and/or school-wide primaries. As in real life, the student with the most votes will be the school’s nominee for the Connecticut’s Kid Governor® Statewide Election.

Students from Clover Street School in Windsor film their campaign video.

The school’s nominee will then create a campaign video with the help of classmates. The video will outline: why they want to be Connecticut’s Kid Governor; what leadership qualities they have; a community issue that they want to address and why it’s important; and a three-point plan that will help 5th graders across Connecticut make a difference on that issue. Teachers will submit their student nominee’s video to The Connecticut Democracy Center. An Advisory Committee of civics and education professionals will select seven (7) candidate videos statewide and those videos will be posted here on our site (check out past year’s elections HERE). During the Statewide Election, November 4-12, 2019, 5th graders throughout Connecticut will view these videos, cast their votes and elect the 2020 Connecticut’s Kid Governor.

In the coming weeks, your child will learn how to vote and how to run for office and may want to run as a candidate for Connecticut’s Kid Governor at the school level. If your child wins the school primary, he or she will be a potential statewide candidate in the race for 2020 Connecticut’s Kid Governor. Real candidates get approval from their families before they run for office and your child should, too.

On or around September 25, 2019, your child’s teacher should send home the Parent-Guardian Permission Packet (click here to view). Please read the information in the packet, complete the form, and return it to your child’s teacher.