2019 Connecticut’s Kid Governor® Ella Briggs


Ella Briggs
2019 Connecticut’s Kid Governor

Platform: LGBTQ Youth Safety
School: CREC Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Elementary Magnet School, Avon
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Press: CTKG Ella in the News

Watch Ella’s announcement assembly from November 21, 2018 below.

Learn more about the announcement here.

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CTKG Ella’s Platform

2019 Connecticut’s Kid Governor® Ella Briggs was elected on her platform of LGBTQ Youth Safety. Her platform focuses on three platform points to advocate for youth in the LGBTQ community:

  1. Promote adoptions for LGBTQ Homeless Youth.
  2. Train teachers on how to work with LGBTQ Youth.
  3. Create youth programs for LGBTQ Youth and their allies.

Watch Ella’s campaign video for more about her campaign!

Highlights from Ella’s Term in Office

November 2018
Ella is announced as the 2019 Connecticut’s Kid Governor!